FAQ | Lajela Opera

First Step.

What is Lajela Opera?

A Plugin to call and proccess any API endpoint and to manage your user's Wallet on wordpress, Lajela Opera can be used for Mini Banking, Virtual Top-Up (VTU), Foreign Exchange, Voucher/Recharge Card Printing, Utility Bill Payment, Networking (Multi Level Network Marketing) up to 10X10 Matrix, Bulk Messaging and much more.

Can I use my own API?

Yes, it posible to use custom API

Can I use it outside WordPress?


What can I do with the Plugin?

  • Create Mini Banking Site for withdraw and deposite
  • Creating of VTU Portal
  • Foreign Exchange Site
  • Bulk Messages
  • Multi Level Marketing
  • Voucher/Recharge Card Printing
  • Utility Bill Payment etc.